My Values

I believe in the core goodness of people and I have the courage to connect.

I am a passionate learner, putting my intelligence to work strategically, in the spirit of finding solutions to the situations presented. I am a hard worker, I don’t leave things half done and I don’t need prompting to take action.  I am reliable, honest and I pay attention to detail. This is where the difference is made.

I seek to uncover my truth, I love the energy in people, I am passionate about and committed to growing.  

 I value real connection, I see people, I am honest and committed in my engagements. I am a connector of people and I lead with my heart. Communication is key in everything that we do. It is the bridge to one another and connection is survival.  

In my work,  I don’t offer general recipes, I pay attention, I work hard and I care.

Work Experience

My writing

What makes life fun