Are you:

  • Lost on what is important to showcase about yourself?

  • Finding it hard to put your ideas into words?

  • Unable to decide what is essential to communicate in a crisis or during change?

  • Skimming through communication advice on the internet and finding nothing quite matches you?

  • Not looking for a quick fix but for lasting effects?

You have come to the right place.

You can trust me to listen, care and help.

Your job is to share your talent and do the work, mine is to pave your way.

Website / Text

  • Face to face meetings
  • Free feedback session
  • Text, website, social media profile editing


  • Face to face meetings
  • Free feedback session
  • Research
  • Support in building presentations
  • Presentation building: Power Point, Prezi, Video
  • Presentation skills coaching


  • Face to face meetings
  • Free feedback session
  • Research
  • Support in building your professional profile
  • Documentation building and review
  • Interview roleplay


  • Face to face meetings
  • Free feedback session
  • Research
  • Campaign building
  • Regular calls and on call support
  • Assistance for campaign implementation
  • Campaign troubleshooting support

Do you have a specific request for support that is not included above? Please write to me and we will find a solution that fits you.

Email Me

Frequently Asked Questions 

We will come back to the drawing board and see what happened.  If there is clear evidence that the communication means were faulty and this affected the outcome the money comes back to you.  Guaranteed! 

Then, by all means, tell me so. Our work together is not about who is right or wrong, it is about how you can best be represented. It is very much a cooperation, not a monologue.  It is important however that you give me specific feedback: “I don’t really like it” won’t take us too far.

Remember that the ideas and the work are yours. I just pave the way.  I may be giving you direction and highlight the important aspects of your work but you continue to be the one to provide it.  

It really depends on what we are working on: while we can put together a successful newsletter in one session, it may take up to twenty to design a workshop or a campaign.